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Big Brother Home

This is the place for all Big Brother Seasons

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Big Brother Home

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This community is for all seasons of Big Brother. I thought instead of join and leaving big bother communities that I would make a place that was permanent. So no more having to join another big brother group for one season again.

Also in this community you may talk about new and old houseguests. If you met them please let us know. If you have any news about them tell us.

Are you going to be trying out for Big Brother? Let us know!!

Seeing that Big Brother has come to an end. We in this communitiy we will be doing fun and games. While we wait for the next season. I will have weekly icon contests. If someone would love to be a banner maker let me know. bigbrotherhome@hotmail.com

Other contests and games will be coming up. So stay tuned to the community. If there is anything you want to suggest just email me.

Put all spoilers and pictures under cuts. How to make cuts <*lj-cut*> Just remove (*)
Don't be rude. Not everyone is going to like the same houseguest.
If someone is being rude don't respond just come to the owner/mods to let us handle the person. Thats part of our jobs. To make it a fun place. So come to us if there is a problem.
You may post icons. If they are Big Brother related
No promotes. If you want to promote your community send me the link. Information is below. I will add a link plus I will make a post with the community.

More rules could be added. Please follow them specially the spoilers rule. We don't want to ruin the show for others that don't have livefeed or from different time zones.

Thanks for joining and enjoy your stay. =)

The Houseguests

Season 1
Eddie McGee, Josh Souza, Curtis Kin, Jamie Kern, George Boswell, Cassandra Waldon, Brittany Petros, Karen Fowler, Jean Jordan, William Collins
Houseguests Photos

Season 2
Will Kirby, Nicole Nilson Schaffrich, Monica Bailey, Hardy-Ames Hill, Bill "Bunky" Miller, Krista Stegall, Kent Blackwelder, Mike Malin, Shannon Dragoo, Autumn Daly, Sheryl Braxton, Justin Sebik
Houseguests Photos

Season 3
Lisa Donahue, Danielle Reyes, Jason Guy, Amy Crews, Marcellas Reynolds, Roddy Mancuso, Gerry Lancaster, Chiara Berti, Josh Feinberg, Eric Ouellette, Amy Crews, Tonya Paoni, Lori Olsen
Houseguests Photos

Season 4
Jun Song, Alison Irwin, Robert Roman, Erika Landin, Jee Choe, Jack Owens, Justin Giovinco, Nathan Marlow, Dana Varela, David Lane, Michelle Maradie, Amanda Craig, Scott Weintraub
Houseguests Photos

Season 5
Drew Daniel, Michael Ellis, Diane Henry, Jennifer Dedmon, Karen O'Neil Ganci, Marvin Latimer, Adria Montgomery-Klein, Natalie Montgomery-Carroll, Will Wikle, Jase Wirey, Scott Long, Holly King, Lori Valenti, Mike Lubinski
Houseguests Photos

Season 6
Maggie Ausburn, Ivette Corredero, Janelle Pierzina, April Lewis, Howie Gordon, Beau Beasley, James Rhine, Rachel Plencner, Jennifer Vasquez, Kaysar Ridha, Sarah Hrejsa, Kaysar Ridha, Eric Littmann, Michael Donnellan, Ashlea Evans
Houseguests Photos

Season 7
Mike 'Boogie' Malin, Erika Landin, Janelle Pierzina, Will Kirby, George Boswell, Danielle Reyes, James Rhine, Howie Gordon, Marcellas Reynolds, Kaysar Ridha, Diane Henry, Jase Wirey, Jennifer 'Nakomis' Dedmon, Alison Irwin
Houseguests Photos

Winners- Blue
Evicted Red
In the Order of Eviction

Current Houseguests/Show

Big Brother is looking for houseguest. Do you have what it takes? Click here to apply

Let us know if you are trying out. You must be 21 and this is just for BB8. Let us know so we can show support.
How are you going to play the game: (If it is a secret just say so)
When did you apply?
Picture:(Atleast 2 and please 1 body shot not a must)
The ones trying out and their forms

Blue- HOH
Green- Nominated
Red- Evicted
(This will be updated after the show airs.)

Have a community? Send us a link and a button. We will add you here. You must link us back too. Email it to bigbrotherhome@hotmail.com

*Community News*
Big Brother 3
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Josh Feinberg
He will be doing an interview with our community. Check out this for more details about Josh's interview

Big Brother 4
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Erika Landin
We have done community interview with Erika here is the interview
Big Brother 4
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
David Lane
We did and Interview with DavidInterview here for more about Dave's interview.

Big Brother 5
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Diane Henry
We did an interview with Diane. Click here interview

This is to look back to see how the houseguest were rated.
Hot or Not List

I will be getting more interviews from other houseguests in the future. So stay tune!

24 7, adria okins, alison irwin, alliance, amanda craig, amy crews, april lewis, ashlea evans, assholes, autumn daly, backstabbing, bb5, beau beasley, bed rooms, big brother, big brother 2, big brother 3, big brother 4, big brother 5, big brother 6, bill "bunky" miller, brittany petros, california, camera, cassandra waldon, cbs, chat, cheating, chiara berti, co workers, contestants, contests, curtis kin, dana varela, danielle reyes, david lane, diane henry, drama, drew daniel, eddie mcgee, eric littmann, eric ouellette, erika landin, eviction, fantasy, fantasy league, friends, friendships, games, george boswell, gerry lancaster, half a millon dollars, half brother, half sister, hardy-ames hill, head of house, hoh, holly king, house, houseguests, howie gordon, ivette corredero, jack owens, james rhine, jamie kern, janelle pierzina, jase wirey, jason guy, jean jordan, jee choe, jennifer dedmon, jennifer vasquez, josh feinberg, josh souza, julie chan, jun song, jury, justin giovinco, justin sebik, karen fowler, karen oneil ganci, kaysar ridha, kent blackwelder, kissing, krista stegall, lisa donahue, live, live feed, livefeed, lori olsen, losers, lying, maggie ausburn, marcellas reynolds, married, marvin latimer, michael ellis, micheal donnellan, michelle maradie, mike lubinski, mike malin, money, monica bailey, natalie, nathan marlow, nicole nilson schaffrich, nomination ceremony, partners, pb and j, polls, power of veto, rachel plencner, reality show, robert roman, roddy mancuso, sarah hrejsa, scott weintraub, secrets, sex, shannon dragoo, sharing, sheryl braxton, shocked, shocking, show, spoliers, summer, surpirses, swimming, tonya paoni, twins, twists, veto, voted off, votes, webcams, will kirby, william collins, winner, winning